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A listing of past and present top ten lists from the Ticklers frontpage. To submit your work, first read and follow the Ticklers Guidelines and then send your work to ticklers@theonering.net.

Title Date Posted Author
Top 10 Ways Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" Will Be Different From Tolkien's "The Hobbit" 12/01/03 Tyler Smoot
Top Ten Reasons Why the Main Characters in LOTR Aren't Women 12/01/03 Becca Greenleaf
Top 10 Reasons the Fellowship Should Not Be in the US Congress 12/01/03 Fanyare
TOP TEN LotR COMMERCIAL HOSTS 12/01/03 Lizz Baierlein
The Top Ten Lines That Were Changed 12/01/03 Emwhre Hithaelin
Top 10 ways the J.R.R. Tolkien books would be different if written by J.K. Rowling 09/15/03 Mark & Corina
Ten Things that Indicate You're a Tolkien Nerd 09/15/03 Bel_gwiniel
Top Ten LOTR Quotes that are Funnier with the Word "Pants"… aka The Pants Game 09/15/03 Nettie
Top 10 Ways To Know That You Are Obsessed With LOTR 09/15/03 The Fellow Dips
Top Ten Country Songs You'll Hear in Middle-earth 09/15/03 Aoren Leafblade
Top 5 Signs That You're Too Obsessed with LotR 08/15/03 schnickerdo
Ten Things that Could Happen if the LotR and Harry Potter Scrips Got Mixed Up 08/15/03 Lothiriel
Ten Symptoms of a Person who is Frighteningly Obsessed with LotR 08/15/03 Lothiriel
You Know You've Seen LotR: FotR Too Many Times When 08/15/03 Beccanoodle
Top Ten Worst Original Casting Choices For The Lord Of The Rings 08/15/03 CO'B
The Top Ten Ways to Confuse Elves 08/15/03 Legolass
Top Ten Ways the J.R.R. Tolkien Books Would Be Different If Written By J.K. Rowling 08/15/03 Mark & Corina
Top Ten Sure Signs That You Are Obsessed with LOTR 08/15/03 DMF
Top 10 Moments and Lines in The Two Towers (spoilers) 08/15/03 Rudhampaiel
Top Ten People That Never Should Be Related to Lord of the Rings Characters 08/15/03 Moriel
Top Ten Ways The Lord of the Rings Could be Improved if Directed by a Heavy Metalhead 07/15/03 Lady Eowen's Lover
Top Ten Reasons Aragorn is cooler than Luke Skywalker 07/15/03 Lord of the Dance
Top 10 Changes to LOTR if Made by Austin Powers Fans 07/15/03 WBR, Jr.
Top 14 Changes to the Fellowship under Jedi Influence 07/15/03 WBR, Jr.
Top Ten Ways You Know That You're Turning Into a Hobbit 07/15/03 AR
Top Ten Reasons You Might Be a Redneck Hobbit 06/15/03 Rainey & Teanna
Top Ten Reasons You Might Be a Redneck Elf 06/15/03 Teanna
Top Ten Naughty Things Sauron Did That We Never Heard About 06/15/03 Prankster
Top 10 Middle-earth Self-Help Books 06/15/03 Idril Celebrindal
Top Ten Disturbing Things Overheard on the Set of LotR 06/15/03 Prankster
Top Ten Cosmopolitan magazine headlines in this month's Middle-earth edition 06/15/03 Idril Celebrindal
Top Ten (More!) Reasons You Might Be a Redneck Hobbit 06/15/03 Rainey & Teanna
Top Ten Things Overheard in Valinor Immediately After the Noldor Left 06/15/03 Anonymous
Top 15 Signs that you are Obsessed with LotR 05/05/03 ESPNgurl
10 Reasons Why Tolkien's World Wouldn't Fit In Today's World 05/05/03 Sauron in the Isle of Werewolves
10 Symptoms of a Person who is Frighteningly Obsessed with LotR 05/05/03 Lothiriel
Top Ten LotR Themed Pez Dispensers and Their Candies 05/05/03 Barliman's regulars
Top Ten Reasons the Other Istari Vanished 05/05/03 LKO'D
Top Ten Signs That You are a Tolkien Nut 05/05/03 Scooterdrama
Top Ten Things I Have Learned from Reading Tolkien's Works 05/05/03 DR
Top 10 Ways to Tell You are Obsessed with Legolas 05/05/03 Liz
Top Ten Complaints Edited from LotR 05/05/03 Elfgirl89
Top 10 Scenes Not Added to the LOTR: FOTR Platinum Series Extended Edition 05/05/03 WK
YOU MAY BE A LOTR NERD IF... 09/01/02 amauer
Top Ten ways to know that you are an expert at the Led Zeppelin references to LOTR 09/01/02 EW
10 Things Galadriel Would Never Say 09/01/02 Elvensmiths & Co.
10 Things Frodo Would Never Say 09/01/02 Elvensmiths & Co.
10 Things Aragorn Would Never Say 09/01/02 Elvensmiths & Co.
10 Things Legolas Would Never Say 09/01/02 Elvensmiths & Co.
10 Things Sam Would Never Say 09/01/02 Elvensmiths & Co.
10 Things You'll Find in Legolas' Backpack 09/01/02 Elvensmiths & Co.
10 Things You Will Find in Gandalf's Pointy Hat 09/01/02 Elvensmiths & Co.
10 Songs You Will Most Likely Hear in Middle-earth 09/01/02 Elvensmiths & Co.
Things to Do (and Not Do) When You See LOTR 08/01/02 Rachel
Top 10 Beatles Songs for LOTR 08/01/02 Mrs Gandalf
Top Five Ways to Insult Elves 08/01/02 CloverGirl119
The Top ten things that would happen if George Lucas Directed Lord of the Rings 08/01/02 Arwen Evenstarr
New Top Ten Scenes in the LOTR Stolen From Other Films 08/01/02 JAL
10 Ways LOTR Would Be Different if Made by Disney 06/01/02 Keeper of Insanity
Top Ten Ways to Know that Saturday Morning TV Has Been "Tolkienized" 06/01/02 SilmarilTgr
Top Ten Signs You’ve Been Spending WAY Too Much Time in the LOTR Universe 06/01/02 NYCTawk92
Top Ten Signs You're an LOTR Obsessed College Student 04/01/02 LM
Top Ten Plot Change Rejections 04/01/02 Ktulu Angmar
Top Ten Signs that LOTR Merchandising Has Gone Too Far 04/01/02 Frodo Baggins
Top Ten Games Not to Play in Middle-earth 04/01/02 Sharrash the Tough
Top 10 Nazgul Lines Edited Out Of FOTR 04/01/02 DL
Top 10 Signs you are in Middle-earth 02/01/02 Scorpio
Top 10 Things to do to Annoy people at the LOTR:FOTR Movie 02/01/02 Traci
Top 10 Reasons Tolkien is Rolling his His Grave 02/01/02 Burma
Top 10 Rejected LOTR-themed Top Ten Lists 02/01/02 Burma
Top 10 Changes to the LOTR if made by Holy Grail fans 02/01/02 W.R.
Top 10 Headlines from the Middle-earth edition of Maxim Magazine 10/01/01 Idril Celebrindal
Top Ten Complaints Orcs are Telling Their Therapists 10/01/01 DD
Top Ten Rock Songs Found In LOTR If It Was A Musical 10/01/01 Elven Ranger
Top Ten Ways You Know You're Obsessed w/LotR 09/01/01 Dernhelm of the Mark
Top 10 Ways Lord of the Rings would be different if made by a McDonald's worker 09/01/01 Yaksha
Top Ten Stolen Scenes 08/01/01 Angelo M.
The Top Ten Most Feared Plot/Legacy Changes 08/01/01 Frodo Hoy
Tolkimpossibility/Tolpossibility   Angelo Mao
Top Ten Discounted Movie Rumors   Burma
10 Ways To Confuse An Orc In Middle-Earth   Strider
The Shire's 10 Favourite Films   Beanie Wienie
10 Ways To Annoy a Wizard in Middle Earth   Strider
"10 LotR Toys that HAVE to be Made"   Beren11:11
TOP TEN Ways The Lord of the Rings would be different if filmed by George Lucas  
Top Ten LotR plot twists rejected by Tolkien  
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