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Tickler's Guidelines:

Tookish's Ticklers welcomes Tolkien humor entries of all makes, shapes, and sizes. Currently we take jokes, riddles, songs, parodies, Top Ten lists, and other writings, as well as images, comics, original cartoons or illustrations, and web links. Other media are also welcome, such as video, animation, sound... whatever you can cook up that's Tolkien Funny!

If you are sending something in to Tookish's Ticklers, it automatically becomes property of TheOneRing®.net. Although we reserve the right to publish your work, not all submissions will be published. Entries including too much innuendo, obscene language, drug references, etc. are not likely to be published online, although they will be archived in my special file. Please do not copy someone else's work and claim it to be your own (but if you want to send in someone else's work, just get their permission and give them credit), as this is in very poor taste (for starters!) and we'll send out little orcs to flog your conscience for years to come. =).

Please use the following format for sending in your material. Failure to use these formats will likely result in your submission not being published and being sent back to you for revising. Also please understand that there may be a significant wait for your work to be posted -- one or more months. I will do my best to email each person when their submission will be used. Remember to always include the name you want us to use when we publish your material. Your email address may also be posted so if you do NOT want that to happen be sure you say so.

All writing submissions (parodies, songs, Top Tens, jokes, etc.) should be sent as an email attachment done in WORD and you should make every effort to accurately spell check and edit your work. If this is not possible then type your text directly into the body of your email.

General written work:

author's name (optional):
email (optional):
name to use (your nickname or name we publish):


My Real Name
Ticklers Submission Guide

Please do not include the categories as listed above, just the information.

If you have written a song parody, please include the name of the original song and group who sang it in the title. Example: Always a Hobbit, sung to the tune of "Always a Woman" by Billy Joel. Please notice and use quotation marks around the original song title! You may also want to mention who is singing it to whom so readers really get your idea. Example: Always a Hobbit, sung by Frodo to Gollum, from "Always a Woman" by Billy Joel.

For Top Tens:

author's name (optional):
email (optional):
name to use:
title of top ten list: Top Ten _________________

Title, centered

countdown 10 -- 2

… and the number one reason why Insert Title Here …

1. bla bla
For jokes:
name to use:


Q: Why did the Balrog cross the Bridge?
A: He didn't.

Jokes do not need to be Q & A but if they fit this format, please us it.

If you want credit for sending in a link, use this format:
name of website:
url (the address):
submitted by (what do you want us to call you?):
email (optional):

If you are sending in an image or multimedia piece, please use the same formatting as described for written work. I prefer pictures as .jpg files, and try to send your multimedia piece in .qt or .mpeg format or I won't be able to preview them. Also, include:
name of image or item:
email (optional):
name to use (what do you want us to call you?):
Thank you in advance for using the above methods to submit your work, and thanks for sending your funnies in to TheOneRing.net!

Many yuk-yuks,

- Tookish
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