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A listing of past and present songs from the Ticklers frontpage. To submit your work, first read and follow the Ticklers Guidelines and then send your work to ticklers@theonering.net.

Song Title Date Posted Author
'Twas The Night Before Christmas in Middle Earth 12/01/03 MCB
The Twelve Days of Christmas -- LOTR Style 12/01/03 ballistic_4_Billy and Chica
The Night Before Christmas 12/01/03 Bubbles
With 12 days 'till the Two Towers, Peter Jackson gave to me... 12/01/03 Andrew Smith
The Hobbits Christmas Song, a la Chipmunks 12/01/03 Chris Leonard
The Lord of the Rings: The Twelve Days of Christmas 12/01/03 David Vance
The Lord of the Rings' Twelve Days of Christmas 12/01/03 Raged Goblin
Schubert's Watcher in the Waters 09/15/03 TEUNC boards
"Don't Cry for Me, Figwit Baby (Legolas's Theme)," from Silmarillion: The Musical 09/15/03 Celandine Brandybuck
"Feelin' Weary" ... by Saruman and Glorfindel 09/15/03 Celandine Brandybuck
Frodo Stardust, sung to the tune of "Ziggy Stardust" by David Bowie 09/15/03 EW
Glorfindel's Song 09/15/03 l nguyen
"The Ranger" -- sung by Aragorn Telcontar 09/15/03 Celandine Brandybuck
"The Nazgûl" -- by Saruman and Glorfindel 09/15/03 Celandine Brandybuck
"Lórien" -- sung by Haldir 09/15/03 Celandine Brandybuck
I Lay my Sword on You 09/15/03 Strider45
I am the Very Model of an Ancient Evil General 09/15/03 The Angel of Music
White Hobbit, from Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" 08/15/03 Blue Wizard
I Will Block You, sung from Gandalf to the Balrog 08/15/03 Kyriel
Truckin', from The Greatful Dead's "Truckin" 08/15/03 Aelric
Look at Me, I'm Sam Gamgee from Grease's "Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee" 08/15/03 Bullroarer
ROHAN, ROHAN, ROHAN from Monty Python's, "Finland, Finland, Finland" 08/15/03 Bullroarer
Nazgul Wraiths in Sable from Monty Python's "Knights of the Round Table" 08/15/03 Inferno
Mr. Saruman, from Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson" 08/15/03 Gaffer
Noldor Queen, from Queen's "Killer Queen" 08/15/03 Kyriel
It's the End of an Age as we Know It , from R.E.M.'s "It's the End of the World as We Know It" 08/15/03 Gaffer
I LIKE NOLDOR from Monty Python's "I Like Chinese" 08/15/03 Bullroarer
Elven Girl 07/15/03 Bullroarer
Dude 07/15/03 Kyriel
Bombadil's Lament 07/15/03 Inferno
Blame Aragorn! 07/15/03 Annael
A.M.A.N. 07/15/03 Inferno
I Want My Precious 07/15/03 Kyriel
We Wants It 06/15/03 Screamin' Nazgul
The Purists' Worst Nightmare 06/15/03 Prankster
Subterranean Gollum Blues 06/15/03 Alan Partridge
One Week 06/15/03 Kyriel
My Film 06/15/03 Robin Smallburrow
My Favorite Things 06/15/03 Patty
Mr. Underhill 06/15/03 Inferno
Mount Orodruin 06/15/03 Bullroarer
Hotel Minus Morgul 06/15/03 Kyriel
Down Under 06/15/03 Kyriel
Boromir 06/15/03 Kyriel
The Lord of Darkness 05/05/03 JS
Take Me Out to the Balrog 05/05/03 Thain of Westfarthing
Sound of Music Dities 05/05/03 Mtnyama
Sauron's Song 05/05/03 Mariel
I am the Balrog 05/05/03 MH
Halfling Son 05/05/03 Olori Eldalie
Give me My Preciousssss 05/05/03 Bballplyr04
Being for the Benefit of Barrow Wights 05/05/03 Anonymous
The Shire 05/05/03 KowGirl
Way Down In Mordor 08/01/02 Inferno
Town of Bree 08/01/02 SI
The Witch King Went Down to Buckland 08/01/02 Idril Celebrindal
The Scouring of The Shire 08/01/02 Dawna Brandybuck of Burke-Shire
Make It Black 08/01/02 Frodo Hoy
Steward Denethor 08/01/02 Inferno
LotR Song 08/01/02 The Lady of the Wood
Black Riders 08/01/02 Inferno
Elrond Told You Not to Com 08/01/02 Eledhwen
Basssket Case (to the tune of Green Day's "Basket Case") 08/01/02 Ufthak
He’s Always a Hobbit 08/01/02 Celandine Brandybuck
Child of Ungoliant 06/01/02 Nomad
Wrapped Around Your Finger 06/01/02 Nomad
Why, Saruman? 06/01/02 Nomad
Lady of Lothlorien 06/01/02 Nomad
Elf, Elf Baby 06/01/02 Sonni
I'm a Believer (Told by Sam) 02/01/02 Niphredil & Tharalagos
In the End 02/01/02 JB
It's Not Unusual 02/01/02 HR
Surfing Númenor 02/01/02 Almie
Valinóre Dreamin’ 02/01/02 Almie
What's New Saruman? 02/01/02 HR
The Balrog Blitz 02/01/02 Ingold
Sauron’s Song 02/01/02 cheeztoasty
Mmm Mmm Mmm 02/01/02 elvenbassplayer13
Gandalf’s View 02/01/02 elvenbassplayer13
My Favorite Things (from The Sound of Music’s song of the same name) 10/01/01 Inferno
The Gardener (from Simon and Garfunkel’s "The Boxer") 10/01/01 Kyriel
You’ve Got a Friend (song written by Carole King) 10/01/01 Frodo Hoy
Balrog Mash (sung to Monster Mash by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett) 10/01/01 Inferno
Third-Age Evil Overlord 09/01/01 Sauron the Maia
Mmm Mmm Mmm 09/01/01 Elven Ranger
Middle-Earth 09/01/01 Inferno
The Ringwraith Lord in Black 09/01/01 Kimi
Jumpin' Jack Flash 09/01/01 Frodo Hoy
Beast of Burden 09/01/01 Frodo Hoy
I Will Survive 09/01/01 Kyriel
Balrog Wings (Sung to Barbara Ann by the Regents) 08/01/01 Inferno
I Will Survive 08/01/01 Kyriel
Lothlorien (from "Scarborough Fair") 08/01/01 Kyriel
The Trilogy Begins Blynk
Gilbert &Amp; Sullivan Do Tolkien (Song) Whistler
A Far December Inferno
Bree Hobbitsong Pippin
Tolkien: Country Music Fan Nemo
"I Want the Ring Unmade, Yeah!" 03/01/01 Beren11:11
The Way Steven Cavanagh
Weathertop Banazir "Ban" and Froda
Aragorn (parody of Maverick) Michael Bickley
Tolkien's FLIKS - Lothlórien Pie Lea Frost
Tolkien's FLIKS - Khazad-dúm Lea Frost
Tolkien's FLIKS - I am a Wraith Lea Frost
Tolkien's FLIKS - I Saw it Through the Palantir Lea Frost
Tolkien's FLIKS - If You Want to Know Who We Are Lea Frost
Tolkien's FLIKS - The Gollum Lea Frost
Tolkien's FLIKS - I Have a Song to Sing, O! Lea Frost
The Balrog Sleeps Tonight Andelin
Sweet Home Minas Tirith Andelin
The Road Will Go On and On Andelin
A.M.A.N. Andelin
Treebeard Andelin
Tolkien's Imagination Andelin
My Favorite Things Andelin
Cats in the Cradle Andelin
Eye of the Dark Lord Andelin
Middle-earth Sky Andelin
Bombadil's Lament Andelin
The Ranger Andelin
Elvish Girls Andelin
The LotR Christmas Song Andelin
The Tolkien Connection Andelin
Nazgul Wraiths Andelin
Old King Theoden Andelin
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