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Halfling Son - Olori Eldalie

Inspired by the many filksongs on theonering.net, I have perpetrated this…(warning, I'm an artist, sort of a writer, and I sing in exactly the way that Elves don't).

It's obvious to most Tolkien scholars and fen that the hobbits undergo a classic Hero Journey ala Joseph Campbell (we've picked this one apart in the Star Wars saga, yea, even to a Smithsonian Museum Exhibit, and plenty of fen have drawn comparisons between the Galaxy Far, Far Away and Middle Earth). It occurs to me that each of the characters of the Fellowship has his own hero journey.

So, all you closet Disney fen, pull out your Tarzan soundtrack and crank up Phil Collins' "Son of Man"…

Sung to the tune of "Son of Man" by Phil Colins on the Tarzan soundtrack

The road must be trod, but it will be very hard, and neither strength nor wisdom will carry us very far upon it. This quest may be attempted by the weak with as much hope as the strong. Yet such is oft the course of deeds that move the wheels of the world; small hands do them because they must, while the eyes of the great are elsewhere. (Elrond)

neither power to be strong,
nor the wisdom to be wise,
will carry you upon
this road you're on
on this journey that you're making
there'll be answers that you'll seek
and if you climb the mountain
you may not reach the peak

Sons of halflings, leave the Shire
face nazgul, balrogs, orcs and kings
take the ring into the fire
become the songs the bards will always sing

you could live forever
safe under shadowed trees
you could let another take
but you'll go forth to danger
stand strong beside new friends
though the time is drawing near now
for the world of Men

Son of Elves, long under tree
lift your longbow, let it sing
heed the voices of the sea
guard the small, stand by the hidden king
(heal the land and bring them birds that sing)

from the Lonely Mountain
to the deeps of Khazad-dum
your kin have made
great wonders over time
but a darkness creeps upon you
from the deeps and from the east
and you'll need more than kin now
for the Dark's defeat

Son of Dwarves, so far from home
forge new friendships, heal old hurts
help rebuild the towers strong
gold is not the only thing of worth

oh the power to defeat
the darkness in the east
that is what you've
come so far to find
but power it lies hidden
in ancient broken swords
and small hands do the big deeds
beyond the greatest lords

Son of Gondor, 'ware the ring
power does not make you strong
guarding halflings, sword will sing
leave a life that's worthy of a song

in leading you will follow
and in following will lead
you'll find your place
beside the one you love
oh and all the ones you fought for
the visions that you saw
well the time is drawing near now
it's yours to claim it all

Dunadan, long wandering
deepest roots not touched by frost
heir of maiar, elves and kings
not all those long wandering are lost

from the first dawn you have journeyed
from Valinor's far shores
and fought the long defeat
against the dark
a new age now is coming
and yours is at an end
but you've got one more pilgrimage
before the World of Men

Son of Maiar, in disguise
summon Shadowfax to thee
on your last quest, White Rider fly
then take that tall grey ship across the sea

eight there are to guide you
strong by your side they'll stand
and with faith and understanding
you'll journey from boy to man

Halfling son look to the sky
lift your spirit set it free
some day you'll walk tall with pride
Halfling son, whole-hearted hero be
Halfling son, Halfling son,
Halfling son, stand tall for all to see

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