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The Scouring of The Shire - The Scouring of The Shire

The days were dark, the nights were cold.
We had to do as we were told.
We could not stand up tall and proud,
For that was simply "not allowed."

A list of rules were passed around.
The ruffians took what they found
Although they claimed to be quite caring,
They did more gathering than sharing.

Bag shot row was torn away
For reasons I just couldn't say.
The damage could not be denied.
The poor old Gaffer nearly cried.

They closed the inns, they tore up earth
They ruined anything of worth.
The Shire was no longer free
They even killed the party tree!

But there were some who made a stand.
The Tooks defended all thier land
For even in the worst of cases,
Courage is found in unlikely places.

You can learn all of hobbits in a month and a day,
But they still can surprise you, such is thier way.
It's true, in a pinch they can turn right around.
After 100 years, new things can be found.

Fatty Bolger led a lively group
A small but valient little troop
Although they tried hard to rebel
Alas, for all thier efforts fell.

Another daring to defy
Whose spirit no one could deny
The ma of a Chief we didn't elect,
Stood up, like no one would expect.

Lobelia Lobelia,
We'll sing her tale near and far.
When Sharky's men came up the road
Her temper, yes, it did explode.

She took her parasol in hand
And ordered Sharky off her land,
She hit a foot pad in the knee
"Get out of here, begone with Thee!"

So as the story now is told
Even though she was so old
To Micheal Delving she was taken
Into the lockholes, now forsaken.

Time wore on the ruffians stayed,
Even Lotho was dismayed
There seemed no hope we all dispaired.
It seemed like no one really cared.

And then one day there came a shout.
Many a hobbit came running out
A horn rang out, "foe, fear and Fire"
Meriadoc was raising the Shire!

From somewhere out of clear blue air,
Pippin Took were standing there,
And all dressed up in fine aray.
From wence he came I could not say.

Beside him Merry of Brandy hall
Surprisingly now very tall!
Although I knew not where he went
He came back as Magnificent

And there stood Frodo and Samwise
This was much to our surprise,
For in the Shire it was foretold
They all were lost in the Forest of Old.

"Fear not" Said Pip" We'll set things right,"
Frodo did not want to fight
But Samwise knew just what to do
"Lets teach these thugs a thing or two!"

A trap, the hobbits did prepare
The leader walked in, unaware.
Tom Cotton hit him with his rake
"That was an eye opener, make no mistake!"

The battle is told in many a song
The hobbits fought both brave and strong
The Shire soon was clean again
And free from Sharky and his men.

The lockholes opened up at last
Fatty-no-more ran out quite fast
But old Lobelia hobbled along
Insisting on walking alone but strong.

As she emerged into the light
She was met with quite a sight
For every hobbit far and near,
Raised for her a mighty cheer.

Pippin then became the Thain,
While Merry rode back home again.
Frodo retired to Bag End
Samwise helped the land to mend

Bagshot row was then restored.
The Gaffers wishes not ignored.
The land was beautiful to see,
There's even a new party tree!

So let us not forget this day
Where all our hidden courage lay
For really now, I must confess
It came from where I least would guess.

By Dawna Brandybuck of Burke-Shire

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