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A listing of past and present writings from the Ticklers frontpage. To submit your work, first read and follow the Ticklers Guidelines and then send your work to ticklers@theonering.net.

Humorous Poems, Stories, Etc
Story Name Date Posted Author
TORnsibs take on the Pants Game 12/01/03 Robin of Buckland & TORnsibs
The suspicious Letter 12/01/03 Phoenix Edhelwen
LotR Action Figures 12/01/03 dudalb
LotR More Manly & Womanly 12/01/03 TORnsibs
New Years Resolutions 12/01/03 TORnsibs
Dr. Seuss' LotR 12/01/03 Blue Wizard
Fake News Report 12/01/03 Prankster
Elrond and Judge Judy 12/01/03 Kimi
Boromir's Gift 09/15/03 Sue
Attack of the Frog People 09/15/03 cxo
"There and Back Again"- A TORnsib's Tale 09/15/03 Thevina
Lord of the Rings, The Musical! 09/15/03 Cynthia Douglas
Narn i Chin Húrin - Pocket Edition -- !Spoilers! 09/15/03 Egleriel Baranaer
The Beauty Salon Gathering 09/15/03 Pippin Took
The Iron Chef : Lembas Battle 09/15/03 Starlady
An Aussie in King Aragorn's Court 09/15/03 Coralie
The Lord of the Wedding Ring, Part 1 09/15/03 Sarah
The Parody of the Ring 09/15/03 FK
The Funniship of the Ring: Books 6 - 9. A Parody 08/15/03 Tweakenal
The Great Imp Strike of 2987 08/15/03 1kalliance
Welcome to the Denethor Memorial Clinic 08/15/03 Windfola
School Lord of the Rings Verse 08/15/03 Aragorn12345
Said Gandalf 08/15/03 ladykmr
The Lord of the Rings: an Allegory of the PhD? 08/15/03 Dave Pritchard
Agent Elrond in the Matrix of Rivendell 08/15/03 Duranwen
Frodo Potter and the Sorcerer's Ring 08/15/03 Duranwen
Dialogue from the Council of Elrond 08/15/03 Duranwen
It Came from Left Field 08/15/03 LC, HLA & MR
Saving Up for that DVD? Make Money Fast! 07/15/03 Unknown author, sent in by Ostadan
Reparation 07/15/03 Windfola
Lord of the Rings Vehicles and Custom License Plates 07/15/03 ATD
If LotR were filmed by David Lynch 07/15/03 TORn Messageboard Regulars
If LotR Took Place in the Produce Aisle 07/15/03 Beth & Claire
Hollywood Rings 07/15/03 Tosh
The TORN-sib's Burden 07/15/03 SD
If Tolkien had written Goldilocks and the Three Bears 07/15/03 Gavin Bollard
The Funniship of the Ring: Books 1 - 5. A parody 07/15/03 Tweakenal
Did the Elves Ever Use Polyester? 06/15/03 Trufflehunter
Gollum on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" 06/15/03 Eckhardt
Ways The Lord of the Rings would be different if filmed by George Lucas 06/15/03 Messageboard Regulars
If LotR Were Filmed by Monty Python… 06/15/03 Messageboard Regulars
The Lord of the Rings at the Olympics 06/15/03 ritergrrl
Nazgul Rings 06/15/03 Gaffer
Shirrifs, Episodes 1 & 2 06/15/03 Robin Smallburrow
Six LotR Products 06/15/03 Sauron the Maia
The Mirkwood Prank Files, Part II 06/15/03 Tenshiamanda
The Tolkien Geek Test 06/15/03 Kyriel
You Might be a Wood-elf If 06/15/03 Spork
The Quest for the Dumbo-themed, Mandarin Orange with Plum Polka Dots Umbrella... Mwahahaa!! 05/05/03 ReBelPKx2
The Mirkwood Prank Files 05/05/03 Tenshiamanda
Eat Your Way Through Middle-Earth, Parts 1 to 3 05/05/03 Lillianna Charis
On their Way to Morannon 05/05/03 Dlink
The Elrond Peredhil Show 05/05/03 SR
The Flushing of the Shire 05/05/03 Gaffer
PM likened to ‘miserable’ Rings character 08/01/02 Australia’s Canberra Times
Lord of the Rings Tunes Chapter 1 08/01/02 Rana Loreus
Lord of the Rings Tunes Chapter 2 08/01/02 Rana Loreus
Lord of the Rings Tunes Chapter 3 08/01/02 Rana Loreus
Lord of the Rings Tunes Chapter 4 08/01/02 Rana Loreus
The Party of 1401 08/01/02 Frodo Hoy
What If… 500 Years From Now 08/01/02 Rhudainor
Two Hour FOTR Redux 06/01/02 VB, Kanawati & Dúnadan
TOR.N 06/01/02 Nomad
The Scouring of the Shire 06/01/02 Dawna Brandybuck of Burke-Shire
Balrog Lawsuit Press Release 06/01/02 Aragorn
In Sauron's Eye 04/01/02 SW
Fellowship of the Ring Spy Report!! 04/01/02 Mergo Webfoot
20 Questions: An Interview With Gandalf 04/01/02 Mergo Webfoot
Martha Stewart Magazine: Middle-earth Edition 04/01/02 HannahHobbit
Mother Gandalf 04/01/02 Yaksha
Of the Istari (Director's Cut) 04/01/02 Skimitar
You Might be a Hobbit if.... 04/01/02 CysterCat
Who Killed Boromir 02/01/02 Draihkon
Burger King’s Rings Verses 02/01/02 Jslashxx
Greetings From Middle Earth 02/01/02 Rufus Redbeard
You might be a Hobbit if.... 02/01/02 CysterCat
Harry Vs. Hobbit 02/01/02 Queen Of Rohan
The Sauron Trucking Company 02/01/02 Scott F. Brown
15 minute Fellowship of the Ring 10/01/01 Earsul
Monty Python’s Fifteen-Minute Silmarillion 10/01/01 Kyriel
Humor Contest Writings 2001 10/01/01 Misc LOTR Fans
Sauron’s Diary 10/01/01 Sauron of Maia
LOTR Movie Parody Titles 09/01/01 TheOneRing.net MB
The LOTR Cast as Cars 09/01/01 Jester_rm
Middle-earth's Best Poker Players 09/01/01 Cactus Kev
Tolkien’s Tale Told to Tickle 08/01/01 Steve D
Treebeard (from Dr. Seuss’s "The Lorax") 08/01/01 Inferno
Middle-earth Conspiracy Theories 08/01/01 Burma, Aelric, Kyriel
If Kevin Smith directed the LotR movies 08/01/01 Burma
Monty Python’s Fifteen-Minute Silmarillion Kyriel
Viagraquenta : The Lay of the Mortal Women Olori Eldalie
The Latest from The College of Revisionist History Glaze
Ode to Barlimans TheHappyElf
Green Eggs And Lembas Whistler
TORN Cookbook… from the message board of TheOneRing.net Daddy Duck
Orc Feathers Whistler
Mistakes we hope Peter Jackson will avoid in filming LOTR Steven S
10 Scenes in LOTR Stolen From Other Films Strider
A Day in the Life of Gandalf the Grey Strider
15-Minute FotR Epilogue 03/01/01 Inferno
THE FILMARILLION 03/01/01 Whistler
A Day in The Life Of ButterBur 03/01/01 Strider
A Gandalf Story 03/01/01 Strider
Tolkien's Tale Told to Tickle default@viking.dvc.edu
Everything I need to know about life I learned from Tolkien... Dimond
Arwen, Superhero Steve Dufour
Lord of the Rings: Hollywood Version Mike Hess
Lord of the Rings: Hollywood Version II Mike Hess
How Hollywood may depict characters from LOTR Berendir
LOTR: A Musical in 3 Parts: Part I Kristin Lindstrom
LOTR: A Musical in 3 Parts: Part II Kristin Lindstrom

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