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Lord of the Rings, The Musical! - Cynthia Douglas

LOTR Musical Proposed Song List

Act 1

"Peace and Good Tilled Earth" (Opening number: Shire chorus. Think: Fiddler on the Roof's "Tradition")
"Home at Bag-End" (Frodo/Bilbo/Sam)
"Eleventy-One (Bilbo's Birthday Song)"
"More than Half a Brandybuck!" (which explains the genealogy involved)
"The Wooded Road" (Frodo, Gandalf, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Fatty)
"The Gandalf/Saruman Power-Struggle Tango" (a la "Masochism Tango" from Rent)
"Yo! Tom Bombadil!" (a truly ill-conceived rap number)
"Does Not Necessarily Glitter" (Strider/Aragorn's introduction)
"Leave My Master Be" (Sam's song, initially sung at Weathertop, reprised many, many times)
"Take Me! (Not of Age Doesn't Mean Underage)" (Initially Pippin's plea for inclusion in the Fellowship, reprised as a comic number in his attempt to get lucky with an Elven lass at Rivendell)
"The Lonely Life of a Doomsayer" (Elrond, joined by Gandalf "Stormcrow")
"Be My Evenstar" (Aragorn/Eowyn power ballad)
"Cruel Carhadras" (The Fellowship… a snowy adventure song)
"Fly, You Fools!" (Gandalf at Khazad-Dum)
"Frodo's Lament" (Frodo's grief at Lothlorien: "Eight there were departed from Rivendell…"; also reprised often)
"Mirror, Mirror" (Galadriel's theme)
"The River Song" (The Fellowship… think Big River's river theme…)
"It Should Be Mine" (The Departure of Boromir)

Act 2

"Not Unlike a Hobbit Once" (Gollum/Smeagol)
"Take Two, We're Small" (Merry and Pippin abroad)
"What Do Your Elf Eyes See?" (Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas tracking Merry and Pippin)
"White" (Gandalf's Return)
"Ride, Ride, Ride" (Rohirrim theme)
"Hoom, Baby, Hoom" (Entmoot)
"Rip and Tear" (destruction of Isengard)
"Pity Stayed His Hand" (Ballad: Frodo, Gollum, Sam, and Ethereal Gandalf and Bilbo)
"The Golden Hall" (Edoras chorus number, giving history, etc, with brief solos by Eowyn, Eomer, Theoden, Grima)
"In the Deep" (Helm's Deep battle song--huge chorus number, obviously)
"Flotsam and Jetsam" (comic number--Merry and Pippin a la "Brush Up Your Shakespeare")
"The Call of the Dark Glass" (Pippin and Sauron; also reprised as instrumental theme for Aragorn and Denethor's run-ins with the Palantir)
"Swords and Bowers" (Aragorn/Eowyn duet)
"M. Brandybuck, Esquire" (Merry swears allegiance to Theoden)
"You Brought It on Yourself" (Gandalf scolding Pippin)
"Dern It All" (Eowyn's rant re: sneaking off to battle--very Annie Get Your Gun)
"Stewed Rabbits, No Taters" (tragio-comic Sam/Gollum number)
"My Brother/Western Windows/Not If I Passed It on the Highway" (Faramir's Ithilien medley)
Reprise medley/duet: "Frodo's Lament" and "Leave My Master Be" (Sam/Frodo)
"Tricksy" (Gollum's evil plot)
"Shelob-a-lula" (a swing/blues number sung by Shelob and showing that I am a bad, bad person)
"See It Through" (Sam leaves Frodo and takes the Ring)

Act 3

"Steward and Sons" (Minas Tirith Chorus number, with power solos by Denethor and Faramir)
reprise: "Ride, Ride, Ride" (with power solos by Merry and Eowyn)
"Nor Bid the Stars Farewell" (Sam in the tower, rescuing Frodo)
Pellanor Fields Medley: "Pyre and Light/Horns at Dawn/The Starry Standard" "Sister-Daughter" (Theoden's death scene)
"So Cold/Well, I've Found You" (Merry and Pippin reunited)
"Draw Swords Together" (Eomer/Aragorn battle number--lots of swords tossed like vaudeville canes)
"Healing Hands" (Aragorn has great bedside manner)
"Parley" (The Black Gates)
"Into the Fire" (Frodo, Sam, Gollum at Mount Doom)
"The Steward and the King" (A Dream Ballet a la Oklahoma: Eowyn, Aragorn, Faramir and company)
"Knights of the Mark and Tower" (Merry and Pippin, this time with a Guys and Dolls spin, like Nathan Detroit and Nicely Nicely)
"Wrapped in Her Soft Blue Cloak" (Ballad: Faramir/Eowyn)
"The Coronation/Wedding Ballet" (Think Fiddler's wedding scenes crossed with the dream ballet from Oklahoma)
"Homeward" (Many Partings through Bree)
"Rules and Tomfools" (return to the Shire)
reprise: "Home at Bag-End" (Frodo/Sam)
"Havens (It Will Never Really Heal)" (Frodo's departure… with a very sad "Anatefka" spin)
"Well I'm Back/Home at Bag-End" (Sam, Merry, Pippin, Rosie)
reprise/closing number: "Peace and Good Tilled Earth"

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