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The Scrolls of Middle-earth : VIII. Conclusion
Reading the Epic Tales in Original Form

VIII. Conclusion

Thanks for allowing me to share this project with you. If you are so inclined, I encourage you to round out your own collection of Tolkien lore with a scroll or two. I am by no means an artist or even a craftsman, but if I can do this, you can too. There is a sense of pride that accompanies the creation of a scroll - or other artifact of Middle-Earth. Consider such a project and then contact Turgon@TheOneRing.net to arrange writing a guest column like this one.

Due to copyright considerations, I will be unable to fulfill any requests for copies of my Word or Powerpoint files of the scrolls. But I would like to hear your comments about any aspect of the scrolls or other Tolkien lore. Please send e-mail to me at Steph_Thomps_98@Hotmail.com

Next time you are in the Hall of Fire at the Last Homely House of Elrond in Rivendell, stroll over to the group gathered around a storyteller. They are listening to the ancient tales of Middle-Earth read to them from a scroll. Bring along your favorite scroll and take a turn sharing the First Age stories you enjoy.

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Scrolls of Middle-earth
Table of Contents
I. Remembering Elrond's Library
II. Description of the Scroll
III. Motivation for Making the Scrolls
IV. Determining Content of the Tuor Stories
V. Determining Content of the Beren & Luthien Tale
VI. Planning Additional Scrolls
VII. Special Thanks to the Professional Artists
VIII. Conclusion


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