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The Fellowship of the Ring - By Merenwen Linweline

Frodo Baggins went away,
Long ago one autumn day;
He left his comfortable hobbit hole,
And said goodbye to the life he had known.
It all began with a special day,
Which went along splendid for most of the way.
Bilbo Baggins decided he was leaving for good,
He missed the mountains and the unexplored woods.
It was his birthday, he was eleventy one,
He planned a big party that would be really fun.
Some of the hobbits saw Bilbo as queer,
His 'bit o' poetry' they often did fear.
As the night drew to an end, Bilbo recited his speech,
No one knew how far into the night it would reach.
And yet, unrequired were everyone's fears,
For suddenly, Bilbo disappeared!
He left the Shire to go stay with the Elves,
As Gandalf later to Frodo did tell.
Bilbo left everything to Frodo, his heir,
Even his magical ring he left there.
Gandalf was worried, and soon left the Shire,
Onto a journey of which he did tire.
Gandalf was gone for many a year,
And rumors of war drew more and more near.
When at last he returned, he came with ill news,
It was important that Bilbo's ring Frodo must lose.
"It is not an ord'nary ring,
"It belongs to Sauron, the Dark Lord and King.
"It is all that he needs to enslave Middle Earth,
"To enslave all the creatures and cause an evil rebirth."
So Frodo left on a journey with a few hobbit friends,
A journey with an uncertain end.
Taking with him, this evil Ring,
Of later many songs shall sing.
In the woods in the Shire the hobbits met Elves,
Young and ageless, their eyes were deep wells.
From Middle Earth the Elves were going,
West over the Sea where the white waves were flowing.
Frodo and Sam went with Pippin and Merry,
To the Old Forest where they did tarry.
Frodo thought the forest to be creepy and dim,
And he found that Black Riders were after him.
Merry and Pippin got stuck in a tree,
They're lucky Tom Bombadil set them free.
Tom Bombadil was a merry old fellow,
His jacket was blue, and his boots were yellow.
At Old Tom's house the hobbits did stay,
Tom's dinner table was a splendid array.
The fair Lady Goldberry the hobbits did meet,
She sang them sweet songs that soothed their sore feet.
As they left Tom's house he taught them a song,
Just in case trouble should come along.
And sure enough, trouble did soon arise,
Frodo thought the adventure had come to its demise.
The hobbits were captured by Barrow Wights,
It gave them quite a dreadful fright.
Bombadil came once again to help out,
At the Barrow Wights he did shout.
They traveled out of that land as fast as they could,
They longed to escape that ominous wood.
The hobbits came to a village; a place called Bree,
There more Black Riders they did see.
An incident at the pub occurred,
Some curious people the incident lured.
Frodo did something he should not have done,
He danced on the table just for the fun.
But he tumbled and fell as his song he did sing,
And onto his finger slipped the Ring.
In the blink of an eye Frodo Baggins was gone,
The Ring on his finger palely shone.
Frodo met a man called Strider,
Who told him some things about Black Riders.
He told Frodo to be much more wary,
Because it was a not a small thing he did carry.
The travelers left Bree the very next day,
Strider now led them, for he knew the way.
Through the Midgewater Marshes the hobbits were led,
The flies buzzed around the hobbits' heads.
They spent the night in a watchtower of old,
Many stories and legends the hobbits were told.
To Weathertop came the Nazgul nine,
The Ring on Frodo's finger did brightly shine.
A Nazgul stabbed Frodo with a Morgul blade,
Frodo quickly began to fade.
They tried to hurry the rest of the way,
But up ahead an ambush lay.
By a wandering elf and a horse they were saved,
A cure for Frodo's wound Elrond gave.
On Glorfindel's horse, Frodo crossed the Ford,
The Nazgul were drowned, and forced to return to the Dark Lord.
In the Last Homely House a big meeting was held,
To appoint someone the Ring to unweld.
With Frodo, eight others made the trip,
Against the Nine Riders: the Fellowship.
Besides Frodo Baggins went Sam and Merry,
Pippin went too though it was going to be scary.
Strider was revealed as the Lost King of Men,
Frodo's companion he became once again.
Boromir came, a valiant man,
Legolas the Elf also, to do what he can.
Gimli the Dwarf joined the Fellowship,
He felt prepared for the very long trip.
And last but not least, the Wizard named Gandalf,
He was old and wise, and he leaned on a staff.
On Mount Caradhras the Fellowship went,
But lots of snow the mountain sent.
So they had to travel through Khazad-Dum,
Where upon the Fellowship was brought great gloom.
The great city of Dwarrowdelf was empty and plundered,
Gimli's excitement was sorely asundered.
Frodo had a mithril coat,
That saved him when by a troll he was smote.
As they crossed the bridge, more evil befell,
Shadow and flame began to swell.
"What hope have we now?" Aragorn sighed.
Although they were sad, they had to keep going,
Where their path would lead, none of them knowing.
To Lothlorien the Fellowship came,
A forest that the Elves did tame.
Ruled by a Lord and a Lady so fair,
None of them wanted to leave from there.
The Lady Galadriel and the Lord Celeborn,
Many years had they lived, yet on their faces unworn.
The Lady Galadriel had a mirror,
One that showed things much clearer,
Revealing the past or things yet to occur,
But which of those even the Wise were unsure.
The Fellowship had to continue their journey,
They went down a River with paths long and turny,
On Elvish canoes which were long and sturdy,
With gifts from the Elves, like new cloaks undirty.
At the travelers, Orc arrows were shot,
But luckily they hurt them not.
They stopped for a rest in a forest so green,
Where between the trees they remained unseen.
There Boromir fell for the lust of the Ring,
He threatened poor Frodo and scared the Halfling.
Frodo decided to continue alone.
He did not like the side Boromir had shown.
But Samwise realized what Frodo was doing,
He followed his Master besides Frodo's shooing.
So Frodo and Sam continued the trip,
Just two all alone from the Nine Fellowship.

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