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Sam’s Farewell - by Connie (English translation of El Adios de Sam)

He said he was leaving… Far away with the Elves.
That he could only heal through the path they take.
He told me not to cry, and to hold my head high,
For I had people to look after, and I was strong and brave.

He told me not to suffer, for those memories of old
For those divisions in my heart that bewildered my mind.
He said I shouldn't feel guilty for breaking a promise…
I had to understand that he had to do his journey alone

He looked at me in tenderness and thank my help,
my persistence with each step we took, my fidelity.
My pure friendship and my unconditional shoulder.
He thank the courage I gave him to hold on.

A tear ran down his withered cheek
and a dim light returned to his eyes.
He said that darkness was an eternal battle that finally gave a truce,
to the one that from the very beggining knew cold and gloom.

He promised we would meet again,
one day beyond the lands I call my Home.
In a place where we wouldn't have burdens, or scars in our souls,
in a time where we could tell our particular story with no sorrow or toil

He kneeled before me, filling me with shame.
And offered and old sword that in an endless trip we hold.
He said it was for me, his way to honor the brave hobbit that saved him once and again.
A symbol of loyalty, for my light was the one that kept his spirit safe and warm.

He hug me and sealed that moment, so short for the stars,
and such eternal for my mortal heart and mind.
He turned his head and looked upon the old hobbit that smiled in peace,
took his arm and boarded the gray ship that would pull him away from me.

The sails rose up and the seagulls cried,
opening a enormous fissure in my soul…
The ship sailed off, fading in the silent afternoon,
filling the gray ocean with it's crystal trail.

In a magic path the figure got lost,
and my wet eyes focused on the emptiness it left.
Dusk poured it's reddish light over quiet waves,
and my partners called my name to make our way back home

The moment had passed and loneliness found a home in me.
The departing was over, but not as well the pain in my soul.
The memories didn't leave, nor the hopes we shared.
My heart hadn't said goodbye, neither had my mind

"Come on, Sam" said a voice, pulling my sleeve.
Someone pat my shoulder in understanding gesture.
With the cool of night, my feet finally moved,
taking me back to those who were expecting my return

While I walked away, one last time I looked back.
My sight got lost on the waves of the eternal sea.
And holding my chest, afraid it would break,
I whispered a last Goodbye, with hope and pain.

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