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One Little Hobbit - By Entwife

Just one little hobbit with furry big feet
Just one little hobbit at less than four feet
Accustomed to food, fine wine, music, and laughter
He did, nonetheless, an adventure seek after.

Just one little ring wrought in fire with gold
Just one little ring with its story untold
Just one little ring, but with power so great
Upon that ring's future laid all the world's fate!

That hobbit I mentioned--Frodo was his name.
His uncle had the ring; Frodo's it became.
Frodo learned of its power, and he vowed to take it
To the far-off volcano Sauron used to make it.

Sauron was a demon, was evil and cruel.
Over the world he desired to rule.
He made the one ring; it was taken from him.
To get it back, he sent out his servants grim.

Frodo took the ring to Elrond the elf
And he did not have to go on by himself.
Nine were in the Fellowship of the Ring.
Nine who set out to destroy the one ring.

There was Frodo, the hobbit, so small yet so brave.
His life and comfort for the quest Frodo gave.
For the ringbearer's task was more dreadful than all:
To not under the evil ring's power fall!

There was Samwise Gamgee, "his cook", as some said
But without his Sam, Frodo would have been dead.
When Frodo despaired, Sam did not; he would say:
"Mr. Frodo, the sun will shine again someday."

There was Merry, a hobbit, young, carefree, and smart.
Beneath all the mischief, he had a brave heart.
When captured by orcs, he did not give in
So determined he was that the good side should win.

There was Pippin, "tom-fool of a Took" he was called.
Gandalf gave him that nickname when Pippin him galled.
Pippin knew nothing about weapons or war
But the day came at last when he stood by no more.

There was Aragorn; Strider, Elessar was he.
The four hobbits met him at the inn in Bree.
Courageous, noble, he seemed to fear nothing
But, being a man, was wary of the ring.

There was Gandalf the Grey, a wizard wise and old.
He wore a grey cloak and a staff he would hold.
He fought with a Balrog, and thus earned the right
To finally become Gandalf the White.

There was Legolas, an elf of the forest.
Legolas loved trees, and his bow was the best.
When the Fellowship split, he and Gimli became,
Along with Aragorn, three hunting their game.

There was Gimli the dwarf, short, brave, and proud.
To the ring's calling Gimli never bowed.
At first he thought Legolas his enemy
'Til Galadriel's beauty Gimli did see.

There was Boromir, a man of Gondor.
For many an age his homeland was at war.
He wanted the ring and fell under its spell.
Then, defending Merry and Pippin, he fell.

So the Fellowship fought in the War of the Ring
The tale which now many a hobbit will sing
As he plants his corn seeds or works with a hoe
In a world changed by one little hobbit, Frodo.

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