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The Dragon and the Unicorn - By Earthwizard, aka, Steven Craig Hickman

In honor of Tolkien's Memory

We see them come and go by the far-reaching shore,
to the Land of Whipperginny, beyond the sundered seas;
their gray elven eyes, the white thorn belies:
the moon and the horn, the life of gods, borne.

Broken dreams we inhabit now, yet smile
at the thought of hidden empowerment, gotten
from the laughter of hobbits and men from Westernesse,
this Dreamer did spin in the world of our Middle-Earth.

His treasure trove is the measure of our lays,
the maze and the ways of our craft's spinning:
the tales of his days and nights spent living
under fair stars, bright keeping, seeing the Shining Ones ways.

He wandered with Gandalf and Frodo, and, dear Sam, too;
with Aragon, the Ranger and King, all grace and all magick;
Merry and Pippin, laughing and eating, all the way braving their fate;
the dwarf, Gimli, battle-axe swaying; the Elf Lord, Legolas, arrows all spraying:

both proud spirits and fierce, stalking the enemies, unfeared;
Eomer the brave, Theoden the Wise Lord of the Horseman;
his daughter, Eowyn, her warrior's life emboldened and charmed;
yet, of all the fair elven, blessed Arwen, for me,

all beauty and grace, still charms; Galadriel, Lady of the Forest,
gifted seer, a mirror of light; Elrond, wise Elf Lord,
Master of elf-haven, bright Rivendell, defender of Life;
not least, the brothers, Boromir and Faramir, brave warriors:

twined Serpent Lords of Gondor, Sons of Denethor, the Dark Steward;
one beloved, the other scorned: both defenders of the light, unshorn.
Do not forget the dark goblins, the Orcs,
below the dark lord's lair in his dark tower, Barad-Dur,

the Eye all-seeing, in the gathering darkness, blinded by power:
red and blackened by pride, a blasted daemonic sublime;
and Saruman, of Isengard's fame, and, Wormtongue, his slave,
both slayers, the doomed men of lies; and, yes, the dark Uruk-Hai;

armies of darkness defeated in the war of Helm's Gate,
their green blood floating among the White Tower's floods;
the Ents, bright victory against the dark dim tide,
of hate and pride, their green lives full blessed by life;

The quest all towing both doomed and innocent cast
an unlikely duo, Frodo and Sam, the ring bearers heavy might, in wyrd's way:
where they in their hobbit-hood, merry and brave,
to the Mount of Doom, in the Land of Mordor, did stride

with the cave dwelling Gollumn, the long lived weeper,
keeper of dark runes and riddles of hate, trundled along
seeking his bidding at fate, to gain the Ring of Ring's, by stealth
until, unbound, he took back the Ring into the fire mountains doom.

Now our dreams are filled again, by elven lights abounding:
the charm of tales and lays begin and end for us, thriving
in this charmed man's Red Book of Enchantments:
the teller's tale, the woven dream, the myth revealed: our Golden Man!

The Dragon and the Unicorn once thought forlorn,
return in flight and horn, the fire and ice:
the dark and light, the cycles ever turning delight,
now find us happy in this thought, tonight: blessed we are by this Maker's Light!

c. December 20, 2003 earthwizard@earthwisdom.info
visit us: http://www.earthwisdom.com

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