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Starlight - by navana

Like the empty dark nights of the deepest winter, the land of Lothlorian unfolded within the towering trees. No longer did the Elder Kindred dwell beneath the eves of their homeland. No longer were there the songs that hummed through the air, blessing all who heard with sweet bliss. There was only silence.

Much the same as the lands of old, a figure trod over the fallen leaves and untouched grass. Her hair, like midnight, fell about her shoulders and whispered in the gentle breeze. Long had it been since she had left her people; and her people left the shores of Middle Earth, never to return. She had left to be with the one person she ever-longed to be with, though he had passed on as well.

Her memory still blessed with days with him. His long struggle to find a way for them to be together. Tinuviel, he had called to her much as Beren in the tales of old, though times like these would be no longer, for he had passed from this world. Cruel was the fate of men.

As empty as the starless night, she found herself following paths she once followed. To see her grandmother and grandfather, to the glades she once joyfully danced in, and to the hill of Cerin Amroth, where she had found that love has no bounds, mortal or immortal.

Everything seemed to still, so empty. Her feet took her where her heart mixed with long-loved memory lay. Gentle blades of green passed beneath her feet as she ascended the hill of Cerin Amroth. Above, the stars glistened in the heavens and the moon shone brightly. Slowly, she sat, her robes flowing about her like waves in the eternal oceans abroad.

In her mind, she recalled the day when he had rode out of the elvin gates and it was then that he aged beyond years in mind, skill, and strength. Kingly he was when he returned, though he did not look it.

A king he became. A king to reunite all that had faded to darkness, thus winning what she already knew was his.

He was hope, Estel. He was king, Elessar. He was wise, Telkontar. He was strong, Thorongil. But most of all he was hers; Aragorn, the lost heir to the realm of men.

And of men he was. And of the First Kindred she was. Mortal and immortal. The thoughts faded for a moment as she laid herself down and closed her eyes.

Ever bright was his eyes. Ever loving was his heart. Such a king he made. Though there was yet the circles of the world they lived in. Circles that yet came back to her. Back to him. Mortal they were. 'Behold! We are not bound forever to the circles of the world and beyond them is more than memory. Farewell!' He had passed, and she was but mortal, alone.

To the glimmering of bright light, her eyes opened. Before her, the world seemed to be engulfed by peaceful starlight. From beyond the world came a figure, his youth no greater than his wisdom. At sight of him, her heart leapt and she called to him: 'Estel.'

No words escaped him, though he smiled, warming her all through. He walked to her, placing one hand on her cheek. "My lady, my love, Undomiel."

Tears filled her eyes, tears of joy so great it was beyond measure., Her arms wrapped around him. "Oh Estel!" then she realized that it was Estel she was holding in her arms. Estel. "How can this be?"

"It is because though we have but one life to live, love lasts forever. Come with me my love. Come with me and forever we shall dwell amongst the stars. For stars last like love; eternal."

It was then that Arwen Undomiel, Queen of Gondor and Anor, daughter of Elrond, half-elven, passed from the circles that bore her like the final waxing moon, into bliss.

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